Free Embroidery and Delivery on Clothing and Workwear

Get noticed & make an impact with our embroidered promotional clothing & workwear bundle deals. Now with FREE embroidery, FREE logo set up, FREE delivery and fast 7 day turnaround.


All prices exclude VAT. Prices include a free embroidered logo up to 7000 stitches. We strive to make our colours as accurate as possible but the colour samples shown may not be a totally accurate reproduction of the actual product and are intended as a guide only. Supplements may apply for sizes 3XL-7XL. Delivery is free of charge to one UK mainland address. Valid for a limited period so don’t delay and get your order placed today! Screen printing also available, call for full details.

AWDIS Cool Tees – Amazing Value With A Free Printed Logo

The AWDIS Cool Tees are great for sports and leisure events, gyms and clubs, boot camps, fun runs and much more. For a limited period we are offering these amazing prices with a FREE one colour screen print.


This cool tee is available in 30 great colours. Made from AWDis’s own Neoteric™ textured fabric with inherent wickability, self fabric taped back neck, set in sleeve design, twin needle stitching detail, self fabric collar and cuffs and printed back neck label. Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified production.
Prices exclude VAT and print set up fee for all new print designs.




Market your business with quality promotional products

Get noticed, make an impact and be remembered by your customers with quality promotional products!

Here at Brand That we often say a logo seen is a logo rarely forgotten.  Promotional products are far cheaper than you think and our promotional items and corporate gifts will make all the difference in making your business ‘brand out from the crowd’.

Keeping your brand name in front of your existing customers and potential new customers is critical to any business.  Traditional advertising in newspapers or online activity can often prove expensive to do on an ongoing basis.  Another way to achieve the same benefits, which is far more cost effective, is through the creative use of promotional products and items.  Clever marketers use business gifts and promotional giveaways that fit perfectly with the theme of the event they are hosting or of the marketing campaign they are implementing, ensuring people remember the event or the marketing campaign for a long time to come.

Your customers will like products they can use time and time again and that is why advertising on promotional items is one of the most cost effective ways to market your business and services.  The right promotional giveaway or business gift is often one that is practical and useful therefore meaning the recipient will continuously use the giveaway or gift continually reminding them of your company name and services.

Promotional products don’t just have to be used as company giveaways, there are so many charitable events or special occasions in your local area presenting a wide range of promotional opportunities for you to show your support whilst promoting your company.

Along with the most popular promotional products and corporate gifts like promotional pens, personalised mugs, keyrings, promotional clothing and work wear, branded bags and many other promotional desk top items we can provide giveaways for schools, environmentally friendly items, USB flash drives, stress products, balloons and banners, badges and bespoke corporate gifts.  ‘Brand out from the crowd’ with promotional products and business gifts at unbeatable prices.  Here at Brand that we have access to over 80,000 promo items so we can offer something to suit all marketing budgets and campaigns.

Create Terrific Brand Awareness With Promotional Products

Branding is undoubtedly one of the more imperative aspects of a business without which you can never even imagine being successful. The main reason is that people these days are much more conscious about the quality and reputation of products and services than ever before. Therefore, if you seriously aspire to make your mark in your industry, your products and services should meet the expectations of your target customers.  No wonder businesses are constantly thinking about new ideas that would help them to improve and boost their brand image.  You can easily see that some of the new marketing and advertising methods such as SMS marketing and mobile banners have already gained a lot of popularity in recent times.

However, some of the visionary businessmen, who wanted to target their customers over the long term, often prefer to opt for promotional products. The reason being they are not only the best way to attract a lot of customers, but this method also helps them to promote and advertise their brands in the best possible way. Promotional products are a way better option than traditional marketing methods as they are usually cheaper and you can easily target a larger audience than by using mobile banners or SMS marketing. This is precisely the reason why small business owners often choose promotional products to market their business because it provides them with much more brand visibility.

As far as the competition in any industry is concerned, even the people who are not related to any business clearly know that these are extremely tough and competitive times and if you want to survive you need to get creative and innovative. When you use promotional products, you will be essentially using your creativity and innovation to attract lots of customers to your business, which will help you in improving the market position and reputation of your brand. That’s why; if you want your customers to be loyal to you then giving them excellent and useful promotional gift items is probably the best option for you.

Handy Desk and Travel Clock

You can give these promotional gifts to your customers in a number of ways. You can use them to encourage people to buy more products from your store, or you can simply give promotional merchandise as complementary gifts to show your appreciation for their loyalty. It’s a fact the customers these days want something special and different from every business, and if you succeed in providing this to your customers, you are guaranteed to get more lucrative business opportunities in the future.

Have You Discovered The Power Of Promotional Products?

We always, as no doubt all companies do, welcome feedback from our customers. Over the last few years more and more people have started to use our promotional products to market their businesses. The types of feedback we receive really makes us feel wanted and of benefit which certainly helps to make our jobs that much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Ian from Leeds contacted us to say thank you for the promotional T-Shirts that we had provided for his company. He stated that he had been thinking about using this type of advertising for the previous three years but that he was not entirely convinced that it would work. He continued that he now wishes he had decided to “go for it” (his words) far sooner as they had “worked like a dream” (again his words). Ian then started to enquire as to which other types of products we thought could also be of benefit to his company.

Bryan from Derby also came back to us a few months after ordering some of our promotional pens. He was eager to tell us about the way in which he would accidentally on purpose leave one of these pens at his clients and potential clients offices. He confirmed that he could not believe how well this “test” as he called it had worked. It was his first foray into using this form of marketing and even though he obviously hoped it would work he did not know what to expect. He then duly ordered another set of the same promotional pens.

Saturn Pen

Consul Metal Ballpen

The above are just two of the recent telephone calls with feedback that we have received here at Brand That and as previously stated they are very much welcomed and well received.

So this goes back to the question in the title of this blog post: Have you or your company discovered the power of using promotional products to market your business?

Promotional Merchandise: Probably The Most Effective Advertising for Your Business

Marketing and advertising your products can be a tricky proposition especially if you don’t have any idea about the technicalities involved in the process. You can use a number of means to advertise your business and to boost overall sales and profits; such methods include advertising on television, radio and in the newspaper or even online. You need to try to pick up the best advertising strategy for your business to get the desired results. If you go by the recent research conducted by the BPMA, you will clearly see why advertising your business through promotional products is the potentially the best way to advertise and to attract loyal customers to your business. Let’s try to have a deeper look at this breakthrough survey.

As far as the effectiveness of various advertising mediums is concerned, this survey is an eye-opener. Nearly 28% of the respondents admitted that they watch all of the TV commercials, 41% have reported they generally see advertisements in newspapers and magazines and only 13% admitted clicking adverts online. The shocking part is that nearly half of the respondents have reported that though they watch most of the TV commercials they hardly pay any attention to them. Online banner ads are found to be the most annoying ads (voted by 73% respondents). Nearly 54% admitted having the same feelings in response to direct mails, 32% to TV, 44% to radio, 13% to magazine ads. The most astonishing finding of this survey is that only 5% of the respondents indicated that they get annoyed by promotional merchandise. This fact alone makes promotional merchandise one of the most likable forms of advertising mediums among the consumers.

The success of promotional merchandise can be attributed to the fact that most of the people (94% in this survey) always remember the businesses that give them these promotional gifts. More than 39% of these people are more likely to go to that business in the future. More than 2/3 of the respondents have admitted that they usually keep these promotional gifts for more than 6 months while 44% of them keep them for more than a year. If the promotional gifts are useful to the users, 54% have reported that they are more likely to approach the business just to get these gifts. Therefore, if you are planning to distribute promotional gifts for your business, you should keep in mind this ‘likeability’ factor.

Durham Mug Full Colour

The survey has brought to light the effectiveness of various advertising media. For instance, nearly 87% of the respondents, who have seen print ads in newspapers or magazines, have admitted that these ads fail to create any impression on them, and just 8% have admitted that they have considered these ads to buy their products. The figures are also not that great for online ads, only 9% of the respondents actually buy products by following these internet ads. An amazing fact that came to light is that more than 54% of the respondents have indicated that promotional products have created a terrific impression on them, and they are more likely to buy products and services from the same business in the future too.

As you can clearly see the results are heavily in favour of promotional merchandise, and this survey has proved yet again that getting the best promotional merchandise for your business is probably the most effective way to advertise your products and services.

Green Brand Your Business With Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

With changing times, the perceptions of consumers towards businesses are also changing at an extremely fast speed. Now, apart from looking for the best quality products at the lowest prices, they also pay a lot of attention towards the manufacturing processes carried out by a company. If you become successful in making your business eco-friendly, you can attain the loyalty and trust of your users in the shortest possible time. One of the best ways to accomplish this successfully is to use eco-friendly promotional products for your business.

While there are a number of eco-friendly promotional products available in the market, you should select the ones that can also prove to be useful to your users, apart from looking aesthetically appealing. Eco-friendly promotional pens and eco-friendly promotional key rings are some of the most popular promotional products these days precisely due to these reasons. The best apart is that these products will remain with your users 24/7, thus act as a great source for unlimited promotion for your business. What’s more, if your company is not even using any eco-friendly practices right now, these eco-friendly products are a great way to tell your existing and potential users that you care about the environment.

Alaska Eco Ballpen

Envirostick Extra Recycled Ballpen

On the other hand, if you are already running a green company, then it makes sense to use these eco-friendly promotional products, such as pens and key rings, to spread the word about the eco-friendly practices used in your business. Promoting your business with eco-friendly products is such a great concept that you will keep on reaping its benefits long after your campaigns end. This approach will help you to develop a set of loyal customers who will keep on spreading positive feedback about your business, thus attracting even more loyal customers.

When it comes to choosing the best eco-friendly products for your business, you should become a little bit creative. You should choose products that your users will find interesting and of use. You can choose pens made from recycled paper, or key rings made from eco-friendly material and so on and so forth. Even if you need to spend a little bit more to get the desired results, the investment is totally worth it.